The Building

    The Taber Building has been a premier office and retail property in downtown Elko since it was built in 1919.
    The Taber Building is a masonry and wood frame, three story structure, including a basement. It’s had numerous owners and tenants and undergone many remodels through the years.
    The building was purchased by the current owner, Catherine Wines, in April, 2015 with plans to complete a historic renovation, eventually returning it back to it’s 1919 condition, in every aspect possible. Catherine is an architect and business owner from one of Northeastern Nevada's oldest and largest families.

Judge Taber
     Errol James Livingston Taber was born in Austin, Nevada in 1877 to Joseph Milo and Cecilia Taber. In 1904 he graduated from Law School at Columbia University and moved to Elko to start a law practice. Shortly after he married Frances Smiley. They had three children, William, Wallace and young Frances. 
    In 1919 he built the Taber Building which housed his law office upstairs and Elko Drug on the ground floor. 
    Taber was also a District Judge and in 1935 he was appointed to the Nevada Supreme Court. He served two terms as Chief Justice during his tenure and remained a member of the high court until his death in 1947.   
    As a judge he resided over hundreds of cases including the famous Jarbidge stage coach robbery of 1916 which was the first case in the United States to convict using a hand print as forensic evidence. 
    Taber was highly respected in Elko and beyond. He was a public servant, community activist, and volunteer his entire adult life. His legacy lives today inside these walls.

Judge Taber during his tenure on the Nevada Supreme Court after swearing in new UNR President Dr. Leon Hartman, 1943.

Taber Building sometime in the 1950s.

Taber Building shortly after it was built in 1919.

Taber Building with current owner Catherine Wines in April of 2015, at the time of purchase.

407, 419, 421 Railroad Street

Elko, Nevada


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