We got a new door in the hallway, to let some light in and make it feel a little more like home (at the office). can't wait to get the carpet out and expose the hallways wood floors and remove the acoustical ceiling that was installed in the 60s.

The first restoration project completed was to restore the original flooring in Catherine's new office. There was carpet on top of 1/4” plywood sub-floor, on top of two layers of linoleum, on top of tar paper, on top of the original Douglas Fir hard wood that had been painted six times. With the help of a wallpaper steamer the tar paper was scraped off, by hand. It then required 84 sheets of 36 grit sand paper to expose the bare wood. More fine grit sanding and a clear coat finish and these floors are 96 years young again!

407, 419, 421 Railroad Street

Elko, Nevada