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We are a very diverse and exciting retail and office building. Please visit us the next time you are in downtown Elko.

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The Elko County Art Club is an active and vibrant part of downtown Elko's cultural scene. In addition to organizing the annual Art in the Park, they host A Toast of Art program in conjunction with the Elko Parks and Recreation Department, participate in Elko Downtown Business Association monthly Second Saturday's, offer a variety of art classes and workshops and administer a yearly Art Scholarship program for high school students in Elko County. The gallery is free to the public open 5 days a week.  The ECAC is the best place for artists to collaborate in the Northeastern Nevada region.

The Barber's Den is one of Elko's busiest, full service barber shop. The jokes are always flying and ESPN is always on. 

JE Productions, The Invitation Nook, is a full service graphic design firm specializing in invitations and announcements. They would love to help you find your perfect invitations and announcements for your wedding, graduation, anniversary, birth or any other important event. 

Bill Steeves at Ironsides Mining is a mechanical engineer specializing in mining related custom mechanical and industrial design.

Buckaroo Boutique is a small clothing boutique specializing in on-line shopping. Owned by Thaysha Groves, a ranchers wife and a mother of all boys, Thaysha believes in dressing on a budget, and used that model to create Buckaroo Boutique! Also visit BB on Facebook.

Wild Iris Wellness Center is part of the Wild Iris Yoga & Wellness which is a co-operative owned yoga and wellness studio. All members are on and part of a wellness journey that begins with their commitment to themselves and the community at Wild Iris. It continues with the wellness specialists and healers housed in the Taber Building. 

Flor A. Peters known to most as Angie, is a well known massage therapist with a large clientele. She was recently voted Elko's best massage therapist by the Annual Best of Elko administered by the Elko Daily Free Press. 

r6studio is a full service architecture firm, owned by architect, Catherine Wines. r6studio is committed to the sensible growth and sustainability of Northeastern Nevada. When you hire the architectural services you hire a guaranteed commitment to architecture and the community. Catherine promises the personal and professional attention each individual project deserves and demands. Suite 208 is also the property management office for the Taber Building.

Terry Spahan Bailey owns and operates Spa.Hands massage therapy studio.